Cooking At Home

"Life itself is the proper binge."
— Julia Child

Filipino chicken adobo baked in its marinade of soy sauce, coconut vinegar, garlic, brown sugar and a bit of fish sauce. Served with sautéed spinach and leeks and hot sushi rice drizzled with pan juices.
A delicious dish made of leftovers: roast pork sautéed with leeks, spinach and garlic.
A potato gratin simmered with milk, butter and topped with melted cheddar cheese.
A slow cooked pork roast made with orange juice, prunes, soy sauce and ginger.

Tapas with MJ at El Colmado after a matinee performance of “Satchmo at the Waldorf”. A smoky deviled egg with jamon iberico, a lamb cumin croqueta, shrimp in garlic and fresh squid. I recommend both the tapas and the play!

A breakfast rice bowl of garlic fried rice, sautéed shallots, red pepper and mushrooms, a cheddar and scallion omelet, two sausage links and chopped crispy bacon.

Stopping off at De Espana in SoHo for a chorizo and cheese sandwich on warm, crusty bread and a single ham croquette! Perfect after school snack!

Steamed fresh green beans.
A browned butter lobster risotto cooked with parmesan cheese and good chicken broth. A decadent dinner for my two favorite men.
An after work bacon cheeseburger with some lovely colleagues at JG Melon —accompanied by a nice glass of pinot grigot.
It is a damp, chilly April day that is just begging for soup. I seared some pork ribs seasoned with salt, pepper and Worcester, which I later set aside while I sautéed garlic and a bunch of fresh leeks. I returned the ribs to the pot and covered with water, tons of fresh lemon, ginger and some tamarind. During the last few minutes of cooking, I added some mushrooms and some rice noodles. Comfort on a cold day.
A Vietnamese omelette made with ground pork, tomatoes, scallions, cilantro, fish sauce and garlic sriracha.

What could be better than, on a Friday after a long work week and a damp rainy day, a hot bowl of ramen, a seasoned cucumber salad, pork buns, crab croquettes and a Lady M. Mille Crêpes cake at Ippudo Westside? Being there with two great friends! Cheers to my ramen slurping Spanish teaching friends!

A baked pear that yielded the most delicious, sweet syrup. The perfect healthy dessert.
Butter head lettuce, cucumber, chives salad with a lemon, blue cheese dressing.